Russian Tech Week – 2019

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22 May 2019 - 24 May 2019

STEP LOGIC experts will participate in the work of Russian Tech Week—a 3-day applied conference on innovative technologies for solving business issues. The event will be held on 22-24 May at the Skolkovo Technopark. 

Russian Tech Week is a large-scale business event where people, who are interested in innovation learn something new, communicate, find customers and partners. More than 100 speakers will attend the conference to talk about modern technologies for solving business issues and demonstrate real cases. The event participants will meet with leading experts, get acquainted with the founders of start-up projects and potential investors.

Key topics of the conference:

●      Digital business transformation; 

●      Neural networks, artificial intelligence and machine learning employed by business; 

●      Advanced technologies in the financial industry; 

●      Virtual and augmented reality; 

●      Innovative technologies for HR; 

●      Advanced marketing technologies; 

●      Analytical tools for business. New management approaches for managers of different levels; 

●      Business solutions using blockchain technologies; 

●      Investment summit: how and where to invest, how to choose projects for investment, what are the pitfalls; 

●      Current legislation and regulatory practices in the field of IT in Russia and the world. 

STEP LOGIC offers solutions for digital transformation of business, industrial production enterprises, as well as construction and design. The company's portfolio has a number of comprehensive solutions for industrial safety and labour protection, including RFID-based solutions. For example, a single system for registration and inventory of hazardous facilities and technical devices ensures site safety and personnel control. The collision avoidance system at industrial facilities allows eliminating the collision of vehicles with employees. 

STEP LOGIC experts implement projects using BIM, CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics modelling) technologies based on Autodesk software. In addition, the company is now working to expand the visualisation capabilities through BIM+Enscape and BIM+Live in order to do both modelling and artistic visualisation of a whole range of objects from the facades of specific buildings to entire neighbourhoods complete with realistic landscapes as well as to allow us to move inside our 3D models in real time in virtual reality. 

Read more about the business program of the event and book tickets on the website.

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