Astraconf-2022: IT Transformation

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21 April 2022

Stanislav Darchinov, Technical Director of STEP LOGIC, will give a talk about the steps that need to be made in order to create a domestic IT landscape at a practical conference organised by Astra SK for representatives of the public sector and business.

«Given the heterogeneity of domestic solutions, the complexity of their integration and the branched corporate IT-infrastructure, we can achieve the desired result only through uniting the forces of customers, integrators and developers. If a large company plans to switch to an import-independent infrastructure within a year, it should launch pilot projects today», stresses Stanislav.

The expert will present his Import Substitution Step by Step report in the Practice of Import Substitution section of the conference beginning at 14:00.

The conference will be held offline with live broadcasting. You can register here.

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