UNIFY Technology Day 2018

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19 April 2018

STEP LOGIC is a general partner of UNIFY Technology Day 2018. The event will be taking place at the Holyday Inn Moscow Tagansky on April 19.

UNIFY Technology Day creates a new format for communication between specialists, partners and customers of vendors that are especially interested in cutting edge communication technologies.

In 2017 STEP LOGIC was named the best UNIFY partner in the world. The high level of partnership allows STEP LOGIC to offer customers vendor solutions to help organise standardised corporate communications systems on the best possible terms.

STEP LOGIC's booth will showcase UNIFY equipment that can be used to solve non-standard problems:

- the Unify Xpert control panel

- the emergency call column

- 2 industrial phones

For the programme of the event follow this link


UNIFY is one of the leading global providers of software and communications services offering integrated global communications solutions for collaborative work. About 75% of the Fortune Global 500 companies use comprehensive solutions from UNIFY. The vendor's portfolio of solutions offers companies communications tool to ensure productive and effective communication through any channel, device or application in real time. By emphasising cloud technologies, UNIFY creates a comprehensive secure working environment based on the unified communications as a service model.

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