Huawei 2018 partner conference

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18 April 2018

STEP LOGIC specialists took part in the Huawei 2018 partner conference that took place on April 18 at the Ritz-Carlton hotel.

The Huawei 2018 partner conference is a unique venue to discuss local and global IT trends, development prospects for the partner business in the Russian market as well as new technology solutions and products.

The event's programme included:

  • The main changes to the Huawei partner programme in 2018;

  • Huawei's projects and success stories in the corporate market in Russia;

  • The modern development trends in the global and Russian IT markets;

  • Huawei Enterprise products and solutions. Examples of how the company's technologies and solutions are used in network, server, cloud technologies, data storage and processing systems, standardised communications, uninterrupted power supply systems and data processing centres.

The event also featured special sessions on:

  • Huawei network solutions, server and data storage solutions as well as standardised communications and data processing centre infrastructure – for technical experts;

  • Strategies, the partner programme and successful sales mechanisms – for management;

  • Success stories – for businesses.

For more information about the programme of the event follow the link.

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