G-Summit Moscow 2018 conference

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05 December 2018

Specialists of STEP LOGIC's department for standardised communications and contact centres attended the annual G-Summit Moscow conference on client service technologies and practices. The event was held on December 5 at the Technopolis Moscow congress centre.

In the past ten years as competition has kept getting tougher, customer experience has become a key competitive advantage in business. Today, the cutting edge technologies are used to deliver top quality in client service. Successful companies employ chat bots and artificial intelligence algorithms, advanced speech analytics systems as well as predictive routing and omnichannel communication to engage with their business audience.

At the G-Summit 2018, companies demonstrated client service technologies (AI, chat bots, predictive routing, speech analytics and real omnichannel) while leading industry experts from various business areas talked about the opportunities afforded by breakthrough technologies and shared practical examples of customer service being offered through digital channels, optimisation of contact centres and back office services, intelligent work load management, ways to boost the operating efficiency of a company and specific features of building good customer service in branches and representative offices.

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