Telecom 2017: Investments in Future Technologies

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27 February 2017

On February 27, representatives of the global elite met again at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) to present advanced and state-of-the-art technology solutions and to look into the future of the changing world. On its website, as the official part of the exhibition in Barcelona, the Vedomosti business newspaper traditionally gathered representatives of the leading Russian companies and international experts for the Russian business dinner. The participants shared their secrets of growth strategies, presented unique research on the main trends and prospects of the global as well as Russian telecommunications market, shared their experience of modern technologies use and discussed which projects could strike root in the Russian situation.

The discussion focus:

  • To which contemporary projects does the future belong?
  • How quickly are innovative projects launched in Russia compared to the global dynamics of the telecommunications industry?
  • Which technologies does the Russian telecommunications business invest in? Which projects are difficult to implement as yet or inappropriate in the current situation?
  • Implementation of advanced pilot projects and their impact on the company's business.

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