Hyperflex: flexibility in crisis. Top efficiency QOS for less money

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27 April 2016

On April 27, STEP LOGIC together with Cisco held a joint event in Moscow, during which the principles of building effective data processing centres with minimum investments in crisis conditions were discussed.

The main driver for the presence of hyper-convergence solutions is the consumers’ desire to save money, primarily by foregoing the costly traditional (dedicated) data storage systems and SANs. These solutions comprise a unified system containing universal nodes that perform both computing functions and data storage functions and, moreover, ensure network interaction.

The CiscoHyperFlex solution is built based on Cisco UCS servers with HX Data platform added to them, uniting solid-state and disk drives in a single, distributed, multilevel, object data storage. CiscoHyperFlex solution comprises powerful data management services that allow reducing data storage volumes by 80%. This hyper-convergence platform possesses integrated capacities for de-duplication and compression that are equal to classical SANs.

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