VIII International IT Forum involving BRICS and SCO countries

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08 June 2016

On June 8-9, in Khanty-Mansiysk, the VIII International IT Forum was held involving BRICS and SCO countries.

Looking at the current economic climate, the regulatory and legal changes and requirements of conceptual documents governing the sphere of information community in different countries, the following aims were stated for the Forum:

  • To assess the modern state, development prospects and technological trends of the sphere of information technologies in the management of public activities, urban facilities, public health, education, culture, and tourism
  • To discuss relevant problems of development, manufacture and launch of domestic, special-purpose software and telecommunication equipment, and to set the path for their solution
  • To find ways of cooperation between Russia and other BRICS and SCO countries in order to consolidate their efforts in the development of information technologies
  • To create an image of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District-Yugra as an innovative region, developing and applying modern approaches to information support.

Modern technological trends develop and modify public management. The tools and methods of administrative regulation are changing. Practically every sector – healthcare, education, transportation, law enforcement – faces the need to reformat its means of interaction with the public and legal entities. This brings about the need to transform the customary tools into modern services, convenient, safe, proactive, and people-oriented.

These days, any transformation is judged by the quality of new IT services and how they perfect, simplify and improve the lives of people, making them more comfortable.

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