Cisco Connect 2018

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03 April 2018 - 04 April 2018

Cisco Connect is one of the largest ICT forums in the CIS. The central topic of the 2018 Cisco Connect will be how to simmplify the IT infrastructure. 

In the demonstration zone of the Wrold of Solutions forum STEP LOGIC is going to present an integrated solution developed using equipment and software from such vendors as Cisco, RST-Invent and Head Point. The solution is desgined to monitor and control urban and industrial infrastructure. 

One of its key features is the following functionality: 

  • As part of the smart city model the system can recognise the numbers of railroad cars and position them in the loading/unloading areas;

  • There is a system for ensuring the special clothes and personal protective equipment worn by personnel have all the required elements present;

  • There is a system for assigning positions to employees on industrial facilities;

  • There is a situational monitoring system.

Data are visualised using the Cisco Kinetic for Cities product as well as STEP LOGIC's own solution, the Visor mobile control center. 

Yekaterina Krupchitskaya, the Head of Solutions at STEP LOGIC, will make a presentation titled Step by Step towards Customer Engagement in the Contact Centres flow. The presentation will highlight STEP LOGIC’s capabilities with regards to developing customised solutions for contact centers. 

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