Growth in Import Substitution Competencies
STEP LOGIC has made its debut in multiple IT rankings at the same time, taking the 14th place in RAEX's ranking of the largest Russian ICT companies, the 13th place among the largest domestic internet security integrators and the 26th position in the ranking of Russia's largest information security companies according to CNews Analytics, as well as the 17th place in TAdviser's ranking of the largest domestic suppliers of internet security solutions. It was also the first time that the company appeared in the 25 Best Russian System Integrators ranking by CRN/RE.
The company actively develops its import substitution competencies. Joined by the biggest vendors in Russia, including Aquarius, Sitronics, ICL, Aerodisk, Yadro, Eltex, CommuniGate Systems, Astra Linux, Baikal Electronics, Avanpost, Dr.Web, Group-IB, Indid, InfoWatch, Kaspersky Lab, Positive Technologies, Katusha, R7-Office and MyOffice, the company has developed a range of template solutions for creating IT infrastructure based on domestic hardware and software. The year's landmark projects included the completion of the construction of a multimedia complex situated between the skyscrapers of Sberbank City on Kutuzovsky Prospekt and one of the first large-scale implementations of Cisco ACI technology in Russia.
STEP LOGIC Confirms its Top Huawei Partner Status
STEP LOGIC has become one of the five Russian integrators to confirm their top Huawei partner status, Value Added Partner, which indicates high competencies in the field of system integration, technical services and consulting in the Enterprise segment.
We continue to deepen our understanding of multimedia solutions. We have built a 360-degree installation of flexible OLEDs with a small folding radius in the Sberbank headquarters. This is the first installation of this kind in Russia. We have completed several comprehensive projects for the construction of infrastructure for the Sixth General Jurisdiction Court of Cassation in Samara City, more than 50 life support, security and teamwork systems, and the Sever fulfilment center for Utkonos ONLINE.
Aiming at innovation
This year has seen innovative projects by STEP LOGIC in collaboration with NCC domestic vendors and the best international manufacturers.
The IT company systematically launches high-tech products in the spheres of Industrial IoT, video analytics, industrial and cyber security. STEP LOGIC products can be easily transformed based on the specific tasks of the customers from different economy sectors: from industry and power production to finances and SMB.
Never stop
In 2018, we successfully finished dozens of "hard" complex projects. This includes building the ICT infrastructure of the OKO tower and insuring continuous operation of infocommunications during the 2018 FIFA World Football Championship.
STEP LOGIC expands its portfolio by Smart City, Smart Factory and IoT solutions. The company increases its expertise in the most advanced technologies for design of communication systems of buildings, adopting BIM, 3D laser scanning, CFD modeling and project visualization at the draft stage
Totally 35
STEP LOGIC celebrated two anniversaries in 2017: 10 years of the Kazan branch, and 25 years of the headquarters.
STEP LOGIC was re-branded in the same year. The new brand style, reflecting the innovative spirit of the company was created especially on the occasion of the 25th anniversary.
Master Security Specialization
STEP LOGIG successfully underwent audit to obtain Cisco's highest status in the security sphere - Master Security Specialization. Only a few companies in Russia currently have this specialization.
Global CIO's project of the year
STEP LOGIC built the ICT infrastructure of Moscow migration center (MMC). Building the IT base of MMC was acknowledged as the project of the year by Global CIO. Moreover, the state unitary enterprise REM of Department of Municipal Property nominated the project for the "Best construction project" prise. The new modern MMC was also highly appraised by the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin.
On January 26, 2015, STEP LOGIC was the first NCC company to move to the new business center Comcity. The entire staffs of GCS and NCC Moscow offices started working together in a new office in May, 2015.
All-Russian network
STEP LOGIC implemented several large projects for VympelCom cellular communications company. The IT company deployed and upgraded a 100G network and started replacing the customer's obsolete IP-network equipment in 134 Russian cities.
Kazan Universiade
In 2013 Kazan hosted the XXVII Summer Universiade for the first time. STEP LOGIC made a great contribution to preparing and hosting the Universiade, by designing the systems project, building the video surveillance system and maintaining the IT infrastructure.
The obtained vast experience provided he basis for STEP's competence in building the ICT base for conducting international sport events. Later on the company would participate in arrangements for the 2015 FINA 2015 World Aquatics Championship in Kazan, the 2018 FIFA World Football Championship in Moscow and other large-scale international events.
Merging with GCS
This year STEP LOGIC started the process of joining GCS (OAO Systematica Company Group). As a result, STEP LOGIC got access to the practical experience and competences of the company holding, including the spheres that had not been essential to the company before; and GCS obtained a powerful integrator with a large experience in the telecommunications market.
Significant project
The Caspian Pipeline Consortium pipeline expansion project in the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan became the largest and most complex project started by the company in is history. The job took 7 years to finish. Thanks to the upgrade of the present IT infrastructure and building a new one, fault-tolerant and secure, at more than 100 facilities of the customer, the data transmission speed along the route of the pipeline increased 25-fold.
Expansion to Kazakhstan
In April 2010 STEP LOGIC founded a subsidiary in Almaty, a major city in Kazakhstan. Thereby, STEP LOGIC reinforced its geographic expansion, already having offices in Kazan and Yerevan by that moment.
The 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics were the biggest sport even of the year. STEP LOGIC built the technology infrastructure for the Sochi-2014 Russian House project, the only official venue of the Russian delegation at the Olympics in Vancouver. Sochi-2014 Russian House was the largest representation Russia got in the history of the Olympic Games.
Competence expansion
With implementation of the project for ZAO Macomnet, STEP LOGIC gained experience in building and upgrading DPC. The works were carried out at the premises of an operational data center.
Consolidation of the position in the CIS countries
A subsidiary in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, was opened on March 28. It strengthened STEP LOGIC's positions in the CIS countries network and system integration market. The process of building a nation-wide transport network for an Armenian operator provider GNC-Alfa started at the same time.
Opening the Kazan branch
On August 8 STEP LOGIC opened a branch in Kazan. The company branch allowed to raise the profile in the Republic of Tatarstan and the nearby regions.
The same year STEP LOGIC got support from six world famous manufacturers: Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, American Power Conversion, Avaya, Nortel Networks and VMware.
Also in 2007, the company confirmed its competency and high level of professionalism in the field of information security by meeting all the Cisco Master Security requirements. STEP LOGIC became the first Cisco partner in EMAE (Europe, Middle East and Africa) to get this specialisation.
Large-scale telecom projects
The dynamic cooperation with ZAO VympelCom started that year. The provider's federal transport network building project was started in Moscow, North-West, Central, Ural, South and Volga Federal Districts.
STEP LOGIC also proceeded with building a 4G-based multi-service high speed data transmission transport MPLS network (Mobile WiMAX) for OOO Scartel (Yota).
STEP's office takes 4 floors
STEP LOGIC moved to a new big office in Polkovaya street. Now the company occupies 4 floors.
The same year STEP LOGIC won the bid for building a new generation multi-service network for PAO Tattelecom. The scale of the project is impressive: the the network stretched across the entire Republic of Tatarstan.
Cooperation for many years
Long-term relationships with a large chemical industry company holding started that year. One of the first projects was building a multi-service network uniting remote industrial facilities of the company holding into an integrated information system. Within the framework of the project, over 200 kilometers of fiber-optic communication lines were laid in bad weather conditions.
Premier Partner of the Year
At the year-end, STEP LOGIC became the first company in Eastern Europe to get the prestigious Cisco Systems: Global Customer Satisfaction Premier Partner of the Year award.
10 years landmark
The company celebrated its 10th anniversary. STEP LOGIC was congratulated by over 200 business partners.
The same year STEP LOGIC developed a large project on building a broadband access network covering the entire town of Dubna near Moscow with population of over 60 thousand people. The project was implemented using Cisco equipment.
A 1000 computers project
The new millennium started with a large project: STEP LOGIC built a local area network of over 1000 computers for an oil company for the first time.
The crisis was overcome
That year a contract for building a data transmission network and a structured cabling system (SCS) was signed with a tobacco factory in Moscow. That was the deal that helped STEP LOGIC overcome the crisis and expand the technological portfolio by adopting SCS that became the basis for the competence in building communication systems.
The best start according to Cisco
STEP LOGIC started cooperation with Cisco systems and received the first reward from the vendor - "Best Start". The collaboration between the companies has been developing up till now.
Number one in the public sector
STEP LOGIC signed an important contract for technical support of the IT infrastructure of a large government building in Moscow. This was the first and the largest fiber-optic network in a government facility at that time, consisting of over 1500 workplaces, 30 powerful servers and various telecommunication equipment. Thanks to successful implementation of the project, the company gained a high reputation in the public sector.
Active growth
STEP LOGIC actively grows and moves to an office located in Komsomolsky prospect near Frunzenskaya metro station.
The company keeps expanding its competence, being the first to implement ISDN technology in Russia. The focus is shifted from local area networks to distributed networks, the company starts building the first data transmission networks.
One of the network technology pioneers
STEP LOGIC was one of the first IT companies to start development of network technologies in the Russian market. Another important development during that period was when STEP LOGIC designed and implemented its first network solution: local area networks for COMSTAR United TeleSystems.
The only official ASUS distributor in Russia
STEP LOGIC became the only official ASUS distributor in Russia. The computers assembled by STEP professionals using the ASUS equipment were remarkably reliable. This fact defined the main focus of the company - maximum quality of the implemented projects.
Foundation of the company
The company started by performing delivery and tech support of computer equipment. At the beginning the staff consisted of 15 people, including its founders. These people became a true inspiration. Thanks to them STEP LOGIC is a big successful company now.