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Vendors in the portfolio
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From Russian and international manufacturers
Over 500
Successfully completed large-scale projects
Turn-key solutions
Full range of services, turn-key projects of any complexity
Over 400
Certificates in different ISec fields
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Russian FSTEC, FSS and Ministry of Defence; member of BSI and ABISS
Building ISec processes
Not just preparing documents and installing security systems
Focus on quality
We comply with ISO 9001 and ISO 27001
Nikolay Zabusov
Nikolay Zabusov
head of information and network security

  • Information security audit and assessment of security

  • Analysis and bringing to conformity to regulatory requirements

  • Consulting in the sphere of information security management

  • Designing and deploying security systems and protection facilities

  • Creation of SOC and SOC-related instruments

  • Information security remote and maintenance services

  • Planning for business continuity


  • Information security according to the best practices (NIST, ISO, Cobit, etc.)

  • Protection of personal data (152-FZ, GDPR)

  • Protection of critical information infrastructure (187-FZ)

  • Protection of the government information systems

  • Meeting the requirements of the Central Bank of Russia for organisations of financial sector (GOST R 57580, 382-P, 683-P, 684-P, etc.)

  • Information security in automated control systems of technological processes (Order of the Federal Service for Technology and Export Control No. 31, NIST, ISA, etc.)

  • Introduction of ISO/IEC 27001

Nikolay Zabusov
Nikolay Zabusov
head of information and network security