Creating a reliable ICT foundation to ensure seamless move for Moscow public authorities to the OKO skyscraper


Prior to 2018, Moscow's public authorities were housed in a large number of office blocks all over Moscow. This situation resulted in extra expenses incurred to maintain all the buildings as well as losses stemming from a lack of a shared ICT environment. To save money, improve working conditions, and achieve improved efficiency of interdepartmental interaction, a decision was made to move nine Moscow public authorities from several different office blocks to one building—the OKO tower in the territory of the Moscow City central business district.

STEP LOGIC's objectives

  • Create a high-performance, reliable, and secure ICT infrastructure to promote continuity of business processes and high availability of IT services.
  • Ensure seamless move of 4,500 employees of nine Moscow ministries into a building with a shared, transparent, and safe IT environment and reliable allocation of IT resources to various public authorities.


  • Tight deadlines.
  • 4,500 workspaces on 23 floors.
  • Seamless migration of IT services.
  • Centralization of IT resources: one DPC, one telephone system, one LAN/Wi-Fi, single source tech support. Independent segments for different ministries.
  • Shared security strategies with configuration being determined independently by each public authority.
  • Equipment had to be installed in a high-rise building in a manner compliant with additional requirements for the work.