Modernization of the contact center of GK Aeroclub on the basis of Genesys solutions


As business was growing, Aeroclub had to modernize its contact center, which the company uses as a key communications channel, serving over 1,000 corporate clients of the agency in 24/7 mode. A key requirement of the project was that the functionality of the contact center had to be expanded, it had to be scaled up and made more reliable.

STEP LOGIC's Objective

  • The customer's contact center had to be migrated to the Genesys Customer Interaction Management platform.
  • The new platform then had to be integrated with the corporate systems of the customer.


  • The speed of customer service increased by 10%.
  • All the components of the platform were backed up and deployed in a data processing center with a tier III reliability level.
  • Seamless migration of operators to the new platform.
  • The routing stage identification function allows for incoming calls to be automatically routed to the group of operators that are in charge of the specific customer.
  • Customization of the Genesys Workspace system for use in reception.
  • A shared database was created, so were the well-defined information and event exchange protocols.
  • Over 100 voice message distribution strategies were looked into, and over 45 types of reports were created.