STEP LOGIC receives the Russia Security Evangelist of the Year award for 2019 from Cisco

12 December 2019

The award was given for the systemic promotion of advanced information security solutions, ensuring the implementation of the Zero Trust architectural concept to protect corporate resources from cyber threats. 

The Zero Trust model abandons the concept of corporate perimeter protection in favour of the highest degree of suspicion in securing corporate data and resources at all three levels — technological means of protection, their operation and the human factor. This approach leads to a significant increase in the volume of analysed data and also requires a high degree of automation. 

The Zero Trust approach allows companies to get reliable answers to the following questions at any time:

1. Who is connected to the network and why do they have access to it? 

2. How long have they been connected, when and how did they connect? 

3. What information do they have access to? 

This model ensures the highest protection of the company's information resources from modern cyber threats in compliance with the requirements of international and domestic standards and information security regulators. This approach has become particularly relevant in light of rapid IoT development.

STEP LOGIC successfully applies the Zero Trust method in projects of any scale for customers in different industries: industrial enterprises, fuel and energy companies, government agencies and retail.

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