«Industrial Revolution 4.0 via IT» conference sponsored by STEP LOGIC and Huawei was successfully held in Kazan

02 December 2019

On 28 November STEP LOGIC and Huawei held a conference for their customers dedicated to cutting-edge IT solutions for manufacturing sector.

"27-year experience in project implementation of STEP LOGIC and the best technologies from Huawei have already helped hundreds of companies — from SMBs to the largest transnational corporations — to address their ambitious business-specific challenges. Today the best technical experts from STEP LOGIC and Huawei will speak about cutting-edge high-performing IT tools," — Vadim Kudryavtsev, Head of Business Development, STEP LOGIC, said in his welcome speech.

Presentations made by employees of STEP LOGIC offices in Kazan and Moscow were dedicated to challenges of developing a modern reliable ICT infrastructure for manufacturing enterprises, and ensuring compliance with the requirements of the Federal Law No. 187-FZ "On the security of the Critical Information Infrastructure in the Russian Federation".

Representatives of Huawel gave an account of technical solutions for LANs, data transmission WLANs and data storage.

Round-table session on the topic of "Effective control of corporate information security" kindled strong interest of the audience and provoked debates concerning implementation of cybersecurity measures based on the 187-FZ.

The conference brought together IT executives and professionals of Haier, Kastamonu, Hayat, KAN AUTO and other leading companies in the Republic of Tatarstan.

Urgency of the challenges brought up at the conference is hard to overestimate: in the digital era, it's extremely important to build a reliable ICT infrastructure, find effective approaches and tools that will make a solid foundation for the development and protection of business. "... The fourth industrial revolution in manufacturing industry still remains one of the highest priorities for many executives in private companies and public institutions. It provokes dramatic changes in value chains, entire industries and business models. Industrial production accounts for a third of total IoT economic value, and for that reason the "centre of gravity" of the unfolding revolution falls exactly at industrial enterprises..." — the message addressed to the participants of the World Economic Forum in Davos says.

STEP LOGIC together with the global IT leaders is ready to guide industrial enterprises through the fast and most productive process of digital transformation.

Huawei is one of the oldest partners of STEP LOGIC. The company is a Huawei Value Added Partner and a Certified Enterprise Networking Service Partner. In the late February 2019, STEP LOGIC was recognised as the vendor's best partner in the sales of networking solutions.

In the course of their cooperation, STEP LOGIC and Huawei have implemented numerous collaborative projects for the largest corporate customers, including development of ICT infrastructure for ОКО skyscraper of Moscow City MIBC.


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