STEP LOGIC upgraded Wi-Fi infrastructure at the offices and production facilities of Coca-Cola HBC Russia and Multon companies

14 January 2020

STEP LOGIC completed the modernization of Coca-Cola HBC Russia wireless network infrastructure. The project was realized using Cisco solutions and was applied across geographically distributed production and storage facilities as well as customer's offices. This led to a significant improvement of reliability of the wireless infrastructure responsible for the functioning of company's key business systems and services.

Coca-Cola HBC Russia implements a number of business and production processes optimization and digitalization projects as a part of its business development strategy. STEP LOGIC also carried out a comprehensive modernization of Coca-Cola HBC Russia and the JSC Multon juice subsidiary Wi-Fi infrastructure. Company's technical specialists modernized the wireless network using the newest Cisco network equipment, significantly increasing Wi-Fi coverage at storage and production facilities, and designed a network for Coca-Cola HBC Russia offices.

During upgrading stage of the wireless network for the Warehouse Management System, integrator’s specialists performed installation, physical equipment replacement and radio reconnaissance of the resulting coverage area. Around 150 access points and 35 switches were installed. The work was carried out at the storage facilities of five Coca-Cola HBC Russia and JSC Multon factories, located in Moscow, Moscow Region, St. Petersburg and Rostov Region. All work was carried out at strictly defined confirmed and minimal time intervals for effective control of the launch of new equipment and minimization of network and warehouse downtime.

For the launch of the Batch Management system, at the next stage the Wi-Fi network was designed and its coverage area was expanded at the customer’s production facilities in Moscow and Rostov-on-Don. This system helps to monitor technological process, shipping and products accounting. STEP LOGIC specialists replaced access points and switches. The project was implemented taking into consideration 100% redundancy of wireless network coverage installing two access point circuits within a single network. In addition redundancy of optical lines between existing switching centers was provided.

In addition, the STEP LOGIC team designed a wireless network for the biggest customer's office premises in Moscow, Moscow Region, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Krasnoyarsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Rostov Region, Samara, Vladivostok. The integrator’s technical specialists captured the current Wi-Fi access points coverage and the location at the facilities and designed a network with sufficient coverage with the help of comprehensive radio frequency planning: coverage simulation and radio scanning at facilities. As a result the customer received a list of recommendations on how to change current locations and installation methods of access points, as well as where to install new points, taking into account the technical specifications of new equipment.

“Both production processes and functioning of the entire back office of our company depend on the network infrastructure. That's why we are looking for and using the best solutions available on the market and impose a strict requirements on network reliability and fail-safety. Taking into consideration the production growth and implementation of a new process control system, we decided to conduct a comprehensive modernization of our Wi-Fi network. Project results speak for themselves: network reliability at production facilities and warehouses has increased significantly,” says Vitaliy Senatorov, IT Operations Support Manager at Coca-Cola HBC Russia.

“The work on modernization of Wi-Fi networks was carried out at the operational production facilities and warehouses. This is why it was necessary to maintain the continuity of processes and to fulfil all customer requirements and comply with health, safety and the environment regulations. I am sure that this upgraded network will be a reliable foundation for increasing production capacities and development of Coca-Cola HBC Russia business,” says Maxim Pikulin, Head of Network Solutions department, STEP LOGIC.


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