Building a comprehensive IT infrastructure for the multifunctional migration center in Moscow


2015 saw the opening of the multifunctional migration center in Moscow that allowed foreign nationals to complete all the necessary procedures to get or extend a patent to work in a single place.


Create a system for managing migrant flows down a specific route that would integrate all the technology subsystems/zones (single window, bank, finger printing, tests in the Russian language, history and law, medical certification, medical tests, issuance of patents) into a single business process.

The multifunctional migration center buildings (over 70,000 square meters of floor area) were to be equipped with all the necessary utility and information systems in accordance with the requirements of the Chief Directorate for Migration of the Ministry of the Interior of Russia and Moscow Government departments for IT, health care, and education.


  • The best project of the year according to Global CIO.

  • Tight deadlines.

  • 9,000 new jobs.

  • The throughput of the center is up to 15,000 migrants per day.

  • The time it takes to get a patent was cut from 4.5 h to 1.3 h.