Introducing a network traffic monitoring system for the head office of Alfa Bank


New IT services, new and more varied financial services offered online, an overall trend toward the digitization of the economy: all of these developments resulted in increased complexity of distributed data transmission networks and the emergence of new types of traffic resulting in a significant increase in network load.

In these conditions, monitoring the state of the network becomes especially important so Alfa Bank needed a smart network monitoring and traffic analysis tool.

STEP LOGIC's Objective

Create an effective process for monitoring the state of the network in the head office of Alfa Bank by introducing a system of monitoring that uses telemetrics and the capabilities of the existing network equipment.


  • Full information had to be provided in real time about all users, devices, and traffic in the corporate network at the data processing center and in the cloud.
  • Speeding up the network and identifying problems that occur on the network.
  • Creating a network traffic monitoring policy.
  • Ensuring exhaustive network traffic information is provided.
  • Creating a tool to investigate and respond to incidents.
  • Monitoring the use of banned applications.
  • Over 200 pieces of active network equipment were connected to the system to collect telemetry data.