Creating a reliable IT infrastructure of the Haier factory in Naberezhnyye Chelny


Haier is a Chinese manufacturer of electronics and domestic appliances. Products under this brand are sold in over 160 countries around the world. Haier products have been present on the Russian market since 2007, and today the company is in fourth place in this country in terms of sales of refrigerating equipment. The fast growth in sales was brought about to a large extent by the opening in 2016 of a new production site in Naberezhnyye Chelny with a design capacity of 250,000 fridges per year. The fridge factor was used by the company as an entry point into the Russian industrial sector. It was vital for Haier to deploy a benchmark IT system at the new factory that could then be used as a template for all of the company's future production sites in this country.

STEP LOGIC's Objective

Make sure Haier's first fridge factory in Russia gets reliable IT infrastructure to ensure flawless operation of its existing information communications systems and the introduction of a broad range of digital services in the future.


  • Wired and wireless data transmission networks covered the office block and the manufacturing segment of a production site 2.5 ha in area.
  • Some 600 Haier employees in Naberezhnyye Chelny got to work in a single secure high-performance communications environment, enabling them to manage the factory's business and production processes in real time, make use of corporate and internet resources without being tied to specific workplaces as well as interact with branches of the corporation all over the world.