STEP LOGIC has introduced a network traffic monitoring system for Alfa Bank’s head office

10 December 2018

Moscow, December 10, 2018. STEP LOGIC has helped to improve the efficiency of the network monitoring at Alfa-Bank's head office through implementing the network traffic monitoring system based on Cisco solutions. Today, it is one of the few systems available in Russia, which provides a comprehensive network assessment using telemetry data and the resources of the network itself.

The network traffic monitoring system based on Cisco solutions is designed to speed up and more accurately detect problems in the corporate network. The system provides network infrastructure specialists with complete real-time information about all users, devices, and traffic in the corporate network, both in the Data Processing Centre and in the cloud.

The STEP LOGIC team has carried out all the necessary work to develop the solution architecture, launch the system and its components, as well as integrate the product with the customer’s network equipment. In addition, the company's specialists have formed a policy for network traffic monitoring. The system was commissioned after successful testing.

In total, during the project, the integrator's specialists have set up more than 200 units of network equipment to collect network telemetry. More than 2 thousand employees of the bank's central office got an opportunity to work in the corporate network with an increased network monitoring efficiency. The system provides for further scaling, which will cover all employees — 23 thousand people in bank's branches in Russia and abroad.

"Economy digitalisation and partial transition of financial services to online platforms lead to significant complication of the structure of distributed data transmission networks, emergence of new traffic types, thus creating additional load on communication channels and network nodes. Stable operation of the network without interruptions and failures is of utmost importance for us, and only trusted partners could be entrusted with the implementation of the project on the network traffic monitoring system introduction. We have been working with STEP LOGIC for over years, and the integrator's team, as always, has demonstrated high competence and professionalism", comments Anton Nastasyuk, Head of the Network Infrastructure Department at Alfa-Bank.

"Historically, banking companies, given the critical importance of the stable operation of IT infrastructures, are often pioneers in introducing high-tech solutions. Alfa-Bank is a progressive financial institution that uses the most advanced technologies, including in the field of distributed data transmission networks. The network traffic monitoring system based on Cisco solution, integrated by STEP LOGIC experts, is an unusual and significant project for the Russian market, because, firstly, there are only a few analogues of the system in terms of its scale and applied technologies in the country, and secondly, large and mature companies only can afford such solution. STEP LOGIC is ready to use its experience gained in this and hundreds of other projects in creating and modernising data transmission networks, as well as in network monitoring", concludes Nikolay Zabusov, Director of the Information and Network Security Department at STEP LOGIC.

STEP LOGIC is the oldest partner of Cisco Systems in the Russian market, the owner of the vendor's Gold Partner status and the highest status in the field of security — Master Security Specialisation, which was awarded to only two companies in Russia. In more than 20 years that the companies have been cooperating, the integrator has implemented hundreds of projects utilising high tech solutions from Cisco. Extensive competencies in the areas of network technologies and information security were confirmed by 350 certificates of both international non-profit organisations and the largest solution providers.

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