STEP LOGIC expands the capabilities of information security and network infrastructure monitoring centres

28 November 2018

Moscow, November 28, 2018. STEP LOGIC expands data protection capabilities through its integrated STEP SOC solution, which along with the traditional Security Operation Centre (SOC) - an operation centre for information security monitoring - includes a Network Operation Centre (NOC) being a centre for monitoring of network, server, services and applications infrastructure as well as Business Intelligence (BI) tools. This means that STEP LOGIC not only can help customers monitor the state of their technology and information infrastructure, but also boost the efficiency of their business by creating forecasting and risk management models.

For several years now, STEP LOGIC has been expanding upon the traditional SOC and NOC solutions. Following the transformation of the business needs of its customers, the integrator has decided to expand the capabilities of this service. Changes in customer expectations come not only from the growing complexity of threats they are facing, the need to respond to sophisticated attacks on multiple levels and the lack of human resources well versed in information security but also from significant changes in relevant regulations and laws (FZ-152 "On Personal Data", FZ-187 "On Security of the Critical Information Infrastructure of the Russian Federation , GOST R 57580.1-2017 (Bank of Russia) "Security of Financial (Banking) Transactions"). Thus, there is a demand in the market for a comprehensive solution that would allow businesses to get and analyse data to improve their key performance indicators.

Customer information security events are monitored by the STEP SOC operators. STEP LOGIC experts are signed up to all the major databases of threats and have access to samples of malware and the indicators of compromise for all the relevant and 0-day attacks. The company's experts also develop their own extensions for log storage systems, the systems for creating and viewing incidents, SIEM platforms in order to make them faster and deliver better quality. In addition to that, Step SOC operators offer a set of one-off or regular information security services at the customer's request. There is a dedicated group of experts in the service department who investigate information security incidents and prepare reports.

By introducing the STEP SOC into the customer's IT infrastructure, they can deal with the problem of lack of information security experts, while reducing the incident response times and total cost of ownership for information security systems. Customers have the opportunity to use highly specialised investigation tools such as upon-request service. By subscribing to a specific rates plan, customers are able to allocate their costs over time periods, moving information security expenditure from CAPEX to OPEX.

The Network Operation Centre helps tackle the day to day tasks of running the network infrastructure. STEP LOGIC technicians monitor the network and manage it 24/7 ensuring that any breakdowns in functionality are addressed in a timely manner and that the network always delivers top performance.

The core of STEP SOC is a flexible scalable platform that allows monitoring and gathering information about network events not only for traditional office LAN solutions but also for SCADA, IoT and other types of networks. The platform has embedded BI analytics capabilities, machine learning tools that can be used to build predictive models and support management decision making processes. STEP LOGIC uses a variety of graphical representations (static and dynamic visualisation) to visualise KPIs that businesses can understand and also develops customised reports that can feature interactive 3D visualisation interfaces.

"Digital transformation comes to every type of organisation in the form of improved business conduct tools, introduction of new solutions, more complex IT infrastructure whose perimeter is getting bigger and bigger. When information is lost on a workstation or when an infrastructure service comes crashing down, the operations of the entire company can often be brought to a grinding halt. Meanwhile, lack of transparency and lack of data about the internal IT processes and their impact on information security often cause a decline in the efficiency of business processes. STEP SOC is a comprehensive solution to day-to-day business problems that brings together top tier experts, processes and technologies into a single system that allows clients to predict the state of the production platform and make the most effective management decisions," comments Anton Antropov, Leading Business Development Expert at STEP LOGIC.

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