STEP LOGIC: 26 years of successful work in the Russian IT market

26 November 2018

Moscow, November 26, 2018. STEP LOGIC is celebrating its 26th anniversary. The company has worked its way up from a supplier of computer equipment and services to a diversified system integrator that continuously enhances the customer's business performance through innovative, high-quality IT solutions and services. The company implements large-scale infrastructure projects of any complexity in Russia and CIS countries.

STEP LOGIC employs more than 600 employees, including 300+ engineers and system architects certified by leading global manufacturers. The range of solutions and services offered includes network and system integration, services in the field of data processing and storage, construction of network and engineering infrastructure of buildings and facilities, provision of information and integrated security, unified communication systems, VCS and contact centres, solutions in the field of industrial safety and IoT, as well as a full range of services for technical support, maintenance of information systems, including consulting, auditing and outsourcing of IT. The company has implemented tens of thousands of projects to more than 8,000 customers over 26 years. STEP LOGIC cooperates with 15 global partners that are the largest international system integrators.

The company has one of the market's best tech support centres, which, for more than 20 years, has been providing maintenance and repair services for high-tech equipment of leading world and domestic manufacturers. Specialists in the service department provide services that transform the business approaches of organisations: development and implementation of regulations of the IT team's internal business processes, support of the customer's business processes with the use of outsourcing and personnel leasing, etc.

"STEP LOGIC can be considered a pioneer in the IT industry: the company appeared on the market at a time when high technologies in the country were only originating. It is difficult to imagine that STEP LOGIC employed only 15 employees 26 years ago, and today this figure exceeds 600. People have always been the company's principal value. We managed to create a very professional and tight-knit team, which daily makes huge contribution to the development of the company and strengthening its market position. We are changing with our partners and customers, improving, responding to market challenges, which helps us growing and becoming stronger. I am sure that we will conquer many new summits. We are proud of our past, we are dynamically developing in the present and are enthusiastic of the future," says Yuriy Kantarovskiy, president of STEP LOGIC.

Proprietary solutions of STEP LOGIC

STEP LOGIC has a range of own developments in the field of information, industrial and integrated security, as well as multimedia. Thus, STEP SOC is the flagship product of the integrator in the area of information security, which includes access to the SOC (Security Operation Centre) solution through a flexible service model, as well as a complete list of current works in the field of information security at the request of the customer. The area of information and network security is one of the most demanded on the market today. STEP LOGIC implemented 28 large complex projects in the field of information security in 2017 only. The portfolio of the company includes 350 certificates of international non-profit organisations and the largest suppliers of information security, partnership with 80 leading foreign and Russian vendors. STEP LOGIC was the first in Russia to receive the highest Cisco Systems status for security partners — Master Security Specialization, which was obtained by only two companies in the country.

The industrial security solution for monitoring the completeness of all the required personal protection equipment (PPE) can automatically track all required PPE elements based on proprietary RFID equipment, computerise the inventory, keeping track of their service life and anticipating purchases of new sets, while also completely eliminating the use of illegal PPE.

KeyMaster — key network turnkey solution — is designed to provide reliable storage and a fully automated process for receiving and issuing keys. The solution seamlessly integrates with different ACS identifiers, object security systems, and personnel accounting software, and flexibly scales for the customer's tasks.

Vizor is an innovative solution in the field of multimedia, which allows quickly organising a mobile situational centre in difficult field conditions.

The company is expanding its competencies in designing the utility systems of data centres by making use of CFD simulations for thermodynamic processes through the use of the Autodesk® CFD software package. The finite element simulation method, used in CFD modelling, ensures the level of reliability and accuracy that can only be achieved in full-scale experiments.

Moreover, the integrator actively develops the Step+ programme whose goal is the creation of unique co-branded products and multi-vendor solutions. The programme envisions the integration of STEP LOGIC's tech expertise with the solutions and equipment of domestic and foreign vendors. At the moment, the solutions are being developed for situational monitoring, CCTV, IoT and Smart City.

The largest infrastructure projects of STEP LOGIC in 2018

In 2018, STEP LOGIC completed the construction of comprehensive ICT infrastructure in the OKO tower, Moscow City Moscow International Business Centre. The offices of the following executive agencies of Moscow moved to the skyscraper: Department of Transport and Development of Road Transport Infrastructure, Department of Urban Property, Department of Trade and Services, Department of Information Technology, Department of Investment and Industrial Policy, Tourism Committee. The project included 24 floors of the building with a total area of about 50 thous. sq. m, 780 premises for more than 4,400 workplaces.

Cooperation with SBERBANK PJSC continues: STEP LOGIC completed a series of works on the construction and installation of IT infrastructure for a number of facilities, including Oruzheiny multipurpose complex, President-Plaza Business Centre, POKLONKA PLACE Business Centre, school No. 21.

STEP LOGIC at the 2018 World Cup

STEP LOGIC has made a significant contribution to the preparation of ICT infrastructure for the 2018 World Football Championship in Russia. Company's specialists have developed a system project for the organisation of the fixed communication network for the 2018 World Cup in the interests of the Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation. Thanks to the efforts of STEP LOGIC, the temporary FIFA network infrastructure functioned without a hitch not just during the World Cup itself but also during the preliminary drawing of lots for the 2018 World Cup, the FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 and the final drawing of lots. The company's specialists also installed and removed the network equipment during the Confederations Cup. The construction and technical support of the FIFA telecommunication infrastructure have been implemented in more than 200 facilities throughout Russia.

Another project within the framework of the 2018 World Championship was the creation of a data transmission network and public high-density Wi-Fi in the territory of the FIFA FANFEST (Moscow, Vorobievy Gory). Having successfully implemented the project, STEP LOGIC got a letter of thanks from the Department for Information Technologies of Moscow "For great contribution to the creation of modern high quality telecommunications infrastructure in Moscow, for professional work during the preparation and holding of the FIFA 2018 World Cup in Russia and the FIFA Fan Fest in Moscow.

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