STEP LOGIC Becomes Official Partner of Qualys

21 May 2019
Moscow, 21 May 2018 STEP LOGIC was granted the status of an official partner of Qualys, Inc., a leading provider of cloud solutions for information security.

For over 15 years STEP LOGIC has been working in the market of information and network security, providing its customers with comprehensive solutions based on proprietary developments and technologies from global manufacturers. The Company partners with 80 leading foreign and Russian cybersecurity vendors. By gaining partner status from Qualys, STEP LOGIC has expanded its product line in the field of IT infrastructure security analysis and vulnerability management.

"The status of Qualys' official partner will allow us to implement projects using the products of this vendor, which provides greater flexibility in choosing solutions for the relevant tasks of our customers," comments Nikolai Zabusov, Director of Information and Network Security Department at STEP LOGIC. "Each year, the number of vulnerabilities being detected is doubled, and this trend does not slow down. Therefore, solutions will also become increasingly popular among companies from different industries. In addition, the overall maturity of information security in companies is growing, and the heads of information security departments are increasingly looking for tools to analyse the degree of protection and detect attacks.”

The main Qualys' product of is the QualysGuard cloud platform, which provides a comprehensive solution package for automating the life cycle of resource search, security assessment and compliance for corporate IT infrastructure and resources, regardless of whether they are inside the enterprise, in its network perimeter, or in a cloud environment. QualysGuard's cloud services model can be deployed quickly and easily on a global scale, providing faster deployment, wider use and lower total cost of ownership compared to traditional on-premises enterprise software. QualysGuard provides companies with information on potential vulnerabilities and malware in their IT infrastructure and helps ensure compliance with internal policies and generally accepted standards.

Currently, Qualys serves over 11,000 companies from 130 countries, including most of the companies from the Forbes Global 50 and Forbes Global 100 lists. Each year they perform over a billion scans and audits of IP addresses.

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