Design and construction of a transport network, IP/MPLS network and a DPC for the Yota mobile operator


Yota, a nationwide wireless operator, uses the Full MVNO model running on the merged network of Skartel and Megafon. 

A high-performance multiservice data transmission network is a prerequisite condition for the provision of mobile communications services and unlimited wireless internet access.

STEP LOGIC's Objective

Designing and building a transport network, an IP/MPLS network, and a DPC for the telecommunications company to offer a range of services for the clients. 


  • In the first stage of the project, a DWDM transport network was designed and built, on top of which an IP/MPLS network was implemented, then data processing centers for the WiMAX network were built in Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

  • Subsequently, data processing centers for the LTE network were modernized and built in Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Novosibirsk, Sochi, Krasnodar, Ufa.

  • As part of those projects, new networks were built along with operator-class data processing centers, utilizing modern practices and approaches from leading manufacturers of telecommunications equipment.