STEP LOGIC Launches «5 Steps to Secure Remote Access» Programme

12 August 2020

Programme participants will test Cisco Systems products, gain practical skills in configuring them, and analyse the level of security of their remote access services.

On 8 September 2020, the Company will hold an online workshop dedicated to providing secure remote access. STEP LOGIC and Cisco Systems will demonstrate how to deploy and configure Cisco AnyConnect, ISE, and AMP solutions in dCloud.

If you want to learn more about the solutions presented at the workshop, we suggest taking one or more Cisco solutions for a trial in your own infrastructure. Cisco Firepower next generation firewall, Cisco AnyConnect VPN tunneling solution, Cisco AMP malware and unknown threat protection system, and Cisco ISE context sensitive enterprise network access control solution are available for testing. STEP LOGIC professionals will help you set up systems in your company's infrastructure.

Participants in the Programme can check the security level of an already configured corporate remote access service using a special test to assess security. After answering 10 questions, they will receive personalised advice and will be able to strengthen the protection of their system.

A free express scan of your company's open resources will help you find gaps in the outer perimeter. STEP LOGIC experts will examine your network perimeter for vulnerabilities and give recommendations on how to fix them.

According to Nikolay Zabusov, Director of the Information Security Department, STEP LOGIC, given that many companies are transferring their employees to permanent remote work, the task of ensuring the security of the corporate network should become one of the most important ones.

«Achieving high network security with remote employees is a real challenge. Only an end-to-end solution will help you cope with it by providing a secure VPN connection and multi-factor authentication, checking the security of connected devices, detecting and blocking attacks on the gateway, and monitoring user actions», says Nikolay Zabusov, Director of Information Security Department, STEP LOGIC.

Read more about the 5 Steps to Secure Remote Access Programme in our post on the Tadviser portal.

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