Cybersecurity system for the ICT system of the Yuriy Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center


New technologies make it possible to streamline the cosmonaut training process from the point of view of the end user of information. Training materials can be accessed and used not only from stationary workstations and laptops but also from tablet PCs. However, as the number of types of users and places that limited-access information can be accessed to increases, it is inevitable that the information system become more vulnerable to attack.

STEP LOGIC's Objective

Cybersecurity for the ETMDS system that provides limited-access training materials to the authorized users and ensuring cybersecurity for the perimeter of the automated IT Support system of the cosmonaut training center.


  • Protection of the internal segments of the network during interaction with each other and external IT systems.
  • Identification and prevention of intrusions into the corporate network.
  • Visualization of network activity of the users based on user accounts in the Active Directory catalog.
  • Monitoring access to network applications and web resources.
  • Streaming antivirus protection.
  • Detection of bot net activity and blocking interaction between infected nodes and command centers.
  • Creation of a closed perimeter to protect confidential information.
  • Mandatory change of passwords for the user accounts of the ETMDS system and notification of users when their passwords expire.
  • Refinement of the GUI of the web portal.
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Security analysis tools.
  • Centralized audit and monitoring of the network activity of users and devices.