Creating a high performance, scalable, and reliable ITC infrastructure at the Kastamonu and Hayat factories and providing tech support for them


In 2015, Turkey's Hayat Holding opened two factories in Tatarstan: Europe's largest timber and slab products factory Kastamonu and a manufacturing facility for making paper hygiene products under the brands of Focus, Papia and Familia, called Hayat Kimya. 

Kastamonu has a capacity of 35 million square meters of laminate and 1 million square meters of MDF per year, Hayat Kimya can make 70,000 metric tonnes of products per year. The localization of production in Tatarstan by the Turkish holding created over 1,400 jobs locally and contributed to the economic development of the region. 

To ensure continuous running of the business and production processes of the new factories, reliable and uninterrupted running of their ICT infrastructure had to be insured. 

STEP LOGIC's Objective

Modernization of the ICT infrastructure and the industrial CCTV systems at the two factories. STEP LOGIC built corporate data transmission networks, voice-over IP systems, Wi-Fi networks, security CCTV systems for the two factors and provided tech support for the newly created network infrastructure.


  • 1,500 ports is the capacity of the Kastamonu network.
  • The Kastamonu wireless data transmission network: 150 access points.
  • 100% Wi-Fi coverage of all the administrative and production segments of the factories.
  • Wi-Fi plays an important role in passing information between the bar code readers and the ERP system of the factories, allowing product flows to be kept track of and stock to be accounted for.
  • Production and security CCTV systems at Kastamonu comprising 750 cameras.