Modernization of the IT infrastructure of the Yuriy Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center


The Yuriy Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center is one of a handful of cosmonaut training centers. To ensure that it provides the best training, it's vital that data be stored in a reliable manner, high-performance hardware and software be used, and all IT services run without interruptions. 

STEP LOGIC's objectives

  • Create the main and back data processing centers featuring automatic testing of copies and multitier backup of virtual machines.
  • Upgrade the IT infrastructure and the ETMDS system for the provision of limited access training materials.
  • Build virtual workstations for cosmonauts using VDI technologies with isolated security perimeters.


  • Full upgrade of the hardware of the data processing center.
  • 100% virtualization of capacity and replication of virtual machines.
  • Replacement of hardware, including hard drive arrays without interruption in the services.
  • The VDI platform creates a 3D model of the cabin of a spacecraft and simulates all tactile sensations that a cosmonaut experiences when interacting with the equipment of a space station.