STEP LOGIC and CyberPeak will help Russian companies to ensure uninterrupted operation of internal IS systems

11 March 2022

The companies offer unique conditions for the transition from foreign DAG solutions to the domestic Spektr product.

The Spektr system is a domestic analogue of foreign products for controlling access to unstructured data. The system supports the full range of functions of such solutions as Varonis, Netwrix, StealthBits, Veritas. Spektr is included in the register of domestic software. The system can be installed on certified Russian operating systems and does not require third-party foreign DBMS and other components.

«We understand that due to the new sanctions, Russian companies are already beginning to encounter difficulties in purchasing, renewing and organising the process of technical support for foreign solutions. A significant portion of the DAG-class solutions currently in use may become limited or unavailable at all. We are ready to support Russian businesses, state companies, the financial sector and companies in other industries by offering the transition options that will be most comfortable for them from a technical and economic point of view», — said Alexei Sukhov, CyberPeak representative.

«In the current situation, when the number of attacks on the Russian sector has increased manifold, it is especially important to maintain the continuity of internal information security systems. Our experts will promptly install the Spektr system, implement it from scratch or organise migration to it from current foreign DAG products. We are offering a free pilot project for customers to ascertain the product's competitive performance», — said Nikolai Zabusov, Director of Information Security at STEP LOGIC.

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