Creating an IT infrastructure and engineering infrastructure for the Sever fulfilment center of Utkonos ONLINE


Utkonos ONLINE was established in 2000 and is the largest player in the Russian e-grocery market. To develop the business, increase the number of processed orders and improve the client service quality, in 2018 the company decided to build fulfilment centre Sever in Solnechnogorsk, Moscow Region, with a total area of 61,500 m², which includes a warehouse and an administrative complex, as well as its own Data Processing Center.


Creating a productive, reliable, and scalable telecommunications and engineering infrastructure that allows for flexibility in regards to allocation of additional resources and capacities as the business grows; streamlining business processes and improving the quality of customer service. Ensuring the connectivity of all objects throughout their geographical distribution.

  • Creating a local area network and ensuring the safety of the network perimeter

  • Implementing smart services to guarantee that only legitimate and trusted devices can connect to the network.

  • Building an engineering infrastructure for the DPC

  • Gradual migration of servers and services to the new DPC


  • Complicated conditions — metal racks, high shelves, constantly changing composition of goods.

  • A lot of highly specialized devices — terminals, scales, scanners, etc.

  • Migrating the services and servers without downtime

  • Urgently connecting additional FCs to the ICT infrastructure

Network infrastructure
  • Wireless local area network with seamless roaming and reservation.

  • Computing network based on over 600 access points and controllers.

Information Security
  • Ensuring the security of the network perimeter.

  • Segmenting the internal network.

  • Detecting the Day-0 threats.

  • Detecting anomalies and preventing intrusions.

  • Implementing smart authentication and profiling services.

Infrastructure systems
  • Planning and implementation of design solutions using BIM and CFD technologies.