ICT in Public Administration 2018: The digital future

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19 September 2018

STEP LOGIC experts will participate in the conference "Information and Communication Technologies in Public Administration 2018: The Digital Future", which is to be held in Moscow on the 19th of September.

Public sector organizations are one of the key customers of STEP LOGIC. STEP LOGIC provides network and system integration solutions to state authorities, enterprises, and corporations; educational and scientific institutions; healthcare, social, and transport organizations, etc.

In addition to economic benefits and the improved quality of public services, IT projects in the public sector have a considerable social significance. Thuswise, in 2016, STEP LOGIC designed and built in the shortest time possible a complex IT-infrastructure for the Multifunctional Migration Center (MMC), commissioned by the Department of Information Technologies of Moscow (DIT). By automating all business processes, STEP LOGIC made it possible for MMC to offer migrants a one-stop service for obtaining patents.

Currently, state initiatives are the most powerful driver of informatisation in all spheres of the country's life. The government has launched a strategy intended to create a digital economy, which involves a universal adoption of digital solutions in public administration, the manufacturing and transportation sectors, trade, finance, social sphere, science, and culture.

The participants will discuss the development of information technology in the public sector, the Digital Economy programme, IT legislation, promote cooperation between the government and business, and much more.

To find out more about the programme and requirements for conference participation, follow this link.

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