SOC Forum 2019

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19 November 2019

STEP LOGIC employees will take part in the 5th SOC Forum "Practice of prevention cyber attacks and implementation of IS monitoring centres" that will take place on 19-20 November in the Congress Park of Radisson Collection Hotel, Moscow.

The event is traditionally organised by Russian FSB (Federal Security Service) and FSTEK (Federal Service for Technical and Export Control) sponsored by the Bank of Russia.

Representatives of the regulatory authorities, banks, manufacturing and FEC companies, commercial SOCs, solution vendors and expert community will make their presentations at the event. The plenary discussion will be dedicated to a role that monitoring centres play in modern information security systems in Russia.

Session topics:

  • Current considerations related to legislative and methodological support of information security environment.
  • SOC technologies.
  • Experience in complying with the requirements of the Federal Law 187-FZ "Concerning the security of critical information infrastructure and interaction with the State System for Detection, Prevention and Control of Cyberattacks (GosSOPKA).
  • Experience in resolving personnel issues as part of SOC support.
  • SOC as a service: case studies.
  • SOC in telecommunication and finance segment.
  • SOC in manufacturing companies.

For over 16 years, STEP LOGIC has been developing its information security and network security solutions. The company's expertise in this field is confirmed by over 350 certificates from international non-profit organisations and major suppliers of information security solutions. STEP LOGIC is a partner of 80 leading foreign and Russian vendors. The integrator's specialists have all the required FSTEK, FSB and MoD licences. The company is a member of the Association of Users of Information Security Standards and the British Standards Institution and also participates in the expert groups under the Digital Economy of the Russian Federation programme.

In 2018, STEP LOGIC developed an in-house methodology for CII objects categorisation. The document is based on the requirements of the Federal Law No. 187 "Concerning the security of CII in the Russian Federation" and on the company's experience gained in the course of interaction with the organisations that operate in the legally regulated areas. The methodology contains information necessary for the independent collection of data, their analysis and making decisions on categorising CII objects.

STEP LOGIC regularly amends the document in compliance with any changes in the legislation, comments from regulatory authorities and clarifications given by IS professionals.

Download the methodology and sign up for updates here.

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