Conversations AI 2019

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26 November 2019

STEP LOGIC will take part in Conversations AI, the major event in the voice assistant and chat bot market. The conference will be held on 26 November in LOFT HALL #2, Moscow.

Participants of the event are going to discuss the use of speech analysis, NLU model and voice interfaces design specifics as well as review case studies for the industry and experience of corporations and developers.

Conversations AI 2019 offers:

  • expert speakers;
  • 30+ presentations;
  • ready-to-implement solutions;
  • non-advertising presentations;
  • an application for business meetings and idea sharing.

Apart from classical and omni-channel contact centres, STEP LOGIC is intensely developing and implementing AI-based solutions for the client service segment: chat bots, speech recognition and generation systems, voice assistants, predictive contact routing. These technologies enable STEP LOGIC customers to cut salary budget and operational costs for service provision while offering unique and exclusive services to their clients. As for AI domain, STEP LOGIC is cooperating with Just AI, Genesys, Verint and other leading global manufacturers.

For more information about the business agenda and requirements for participation, please, visit the official website of the conference.

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