А More Secure Everywhere Conference

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12 March 2019

On 12 March, A More Security Everywhere information security conference sponsored by Palo Alto Networks will be held in Loft Hall No. 2 in Moscow. This year, event participants, including leading STEP LOGIC experts, will discuss end-to-end security systems along with the ways to protect information systems against pointed attacks and to ensure security of cloud technologies. 

The discussion board will gather IS experts, key CIOs and influential technology partners. Conference attendants will be able to investigate expert approaches and take part in discussion of professional topics. For technical experts, case studies of modern cyber security challenges and issues will be arranged. 

STEP LOGIC has been into IS business for over 15 years now. The company implemented 28 large complex projects in the field of information security in 2017 only. 

STEP LOGIC has been given the Gold Partner status in the Palo Alto Networks® NextWave partnership programme. This has proven the highest level of system integrator's technical expertise in terms of Palo Alto Networks products. Through the years of cooperation, the system integrator together with the vendor has successfully implemented a great number of projects across financial, production, resource extraction and petrochemical industries.
For programme of the event and participation terms, follow the link.

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