Urban Smart Technologies Conference

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28 February 2019

STEP LOGIC professionals are going to take part in the Urban Smart Technologies conference that will be held on 28 February in the Newsroom Conference Centre in Moscow. 

The event is organised by the Kommersant Publishing House sponsored by IT Department of Moscow. Expert community members will discuss the roadmap for development of urban services in Moscow, the impact that Big Data and artificial intelligence technologies have on city traffic management, the digital future of the public utilities and roads industry, the potential for development of the safe city, the ways to organise an energy-efficient city environment and many other topics. 

The portfolio of STEP LOGIC comprises a number of innovative products and solutions for designing an ICT infrastructure of a 'smart' city based on the most recent developments both by domestic and foreign manufacturers, including IoT-based solutions. STEP LOGIC is consistently developing and implementing the solutions across road traffic, energy supply, healthcare, public services, information and physical security domains. STEP LOGIC's in-house development — the mobile management centre Visor — enables instant launch of a video conference, monitoring system or any other system that may require graphic display. Visor system is intended for military and security EMERCOM agencies, healthcare organisations, multi-branch government agencies. 

STEP LOGIC's 'smart' city solutions help decrease costs and resource consumption while improving life quality, promptly addressing complicated challenges and driving performance of urban services.
To view the event programme and terms of participation, please visit the website of the Kommersant Publishing House.

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