IT Security Day 2019 conference

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15 October 2019

On October 15, 2019, STEP LOGIC will take part in the IT Security Day 2019 conference to be held at the Moscow Marriott Novy Arbat Hotel, Vysotsky Hall. 

STEP LOGIC's information security experts note that information security assessment, access control and threat tracking are becoming some of most critical areas in IT development. The entactment of Federal Law No. 187-FZ “On the Security of Critical Information Infrastructure of the Russian Federation” has spurred this market, and the means of protecting cloud infrastructure have become its fastest growing segment. STEP LOGIC studies all areas of information security — in terms of business risks, system architecture and strategy for creating a secure company network. 

The conference topics:  

  • How is the Russian information security market developing?  

  • Which products and services are in the most demand?  

  • Which security threats are of concern among Russian companies?  

  • How do critical information infrastructure operators ensure compliance with Federal Law No. 187-FZ?  

  • What are the challenges facing them?  

  • How much funding is needed to ensure compliance with all of the regulatory requirements? 

  • Whic companies specialize in critical information infrastructure security? 

For details about the conference visit the website of the conference organizer.

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