Conversational AI Conference

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14 November 2018

STEP LOGIC will take part in Conversations, the first Russian conference for businesses and developers dedicated to conversational AI technologies, conversational artificial intelligence. The event will take place at the World Trade Center in Moscow on November 14. 

According to Strategy Analytics and Canalys more than half of all smart phones will have access to virtual voice assistants by 2019 while the number of smart speakers in homes around the world will exceed 100 million devices. Chat bots gain ground as well. Juniper Research forecasts that chat bots will be responsible for cost savings of over $8 billion per annum by 2022 which is 400 times more than now. During Conversations representatives of businesses, such as fintech, telecom and food industry, will be able to work with developers in order to understand the way to turn conversational AI from a global trend, from which much is expected, into a tool that everyone uses. 

Conversations agenda:

  • Foreign and Russian industry cases on the use of conversational AI technologies for different tasks at contact centers and delivery services, HR, helpdesk services and other business processes.

  • Panel discussion "Conversational AI for Contact Centers: Problems and Solutions of Business Processes Automation": is the Russian business ready for the mass development of conversational AI? How will the introduction of voice assistants and smart chat bots affect the labor market? Is it profitable to implement conversational AI in contact centers and what are the KPIs of such projects?

  • Lectures on creating conversational interfaces, machine learning, speech recognition and biometrics; a master class on building a chat bot that understands natural language.

  • Devices like Yandex.Station, children's robots Emelya and Mishka AI that are already familiar to users as well as new devices from Google, Roobo, NotAnotherOne will be presented in the technological demo zone.

For more information about the business agenda and requirements for participation, please visit the official website of the conference.

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