CNews IT Outsourcing 2019 Conference

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05 March 2019

On 5 March, STEP LOGIC experts will visit CNews Conferences IT Outsourcing 2019, which will discuss the level of maturity of IT as a service in Russia and the willingness of customers to outsource mission critical systems to third-party contractors. 

According to the conference participants, digital transformation is expected to be the main driver in the IT outsourcing market in the nearest future. A lot of services are going to be provided via the cloud. Development of smart cities, further introduction of state information systems, predictive analytics and mobile applications, personalisation of services and the related need to ensure security of both personal data of the users as well as the information systems themselves are going to force businesses to more and more give up the idea of providing all the necessary services in-house. And the released resources should then be allocated to the development of the main business. This means demand for outsourcing will only grow. 

STEP LOGIC has been developing outsourcing and services for over 20 years now. The company has one of the market's best tech support centres, which has been providing maintenance and repair services for high-tech equipment of leading world and domestic manufacturers. Specialists in the service department provide services that transform the business approaches of organisations: development and implementation of regulations of the IT team's internal business processes, support of the customer's business processes with the use of outsourcing and personnel leasing, etc. 

Detailed agenda and conditions of participation are available on the CNews website.

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