Huawei Partner Conference

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21 March 2019

STEP LOGIC will take part in the Huawei partner conference to be held on 21 March at Lotte Hotel.

Huawei 2019 Partner Conference is a unique annual event to discuss local and global IT trends, development prospects for the partner business in the Russian market as well as new technology solutions and products. 

The event's programme includes: 

  • The modern development trends in the global and Russian IT markets. 

  • Huawei Enterprise products and solutions. Examples of how the company's technologies and solutions are used in network, server, cloud technologies, data storage and processing systems, standardised communications, uninterrupted power supply systems and data processing centres. 

  • New product launch: Huawei Dorado 3000 V3 entry-level all-flash arrays and an integrated solution for small/remote offices Huawei FusionROBO. 

  • New product launch: "Next Generation Wi-Fi - Wi-Fi 6" and AI Fabric solutions for data center networks. 

  • Cloud business in Russia. New strategy, partner programme, technical solutions and developments.

Huawei is a long-term partner of STEP LOGIC. The system integrator is a Huawei Value Added Partner and a Certified Enterprise Networking Service Partner. During the cooperation, partners have implemented many joint projects for major state and private organisations. At the end of February 2019, STEP LOGIC was announced the best partner of the vendor in terms of network solutions sales. 

To view the event programme and terms of participation, please visit the vendor's website.

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