16 October 2019

Roman Ostapchuk, Deputy Head of Technical Development at Step Logic.

14 October 2019

Anna Nikitina, Head of Innovative Solutions at STEP LOGIC.

9 September 2019
STEP LOGIC: blockchain makes things easier

Roman Ostapchuk, STEP LOGIC deputy CEO for technical development

4 September 2019
STEP LOGIC Discusses IT in Retail. The Latest Technologies, Trends, Forecasts, and Comments of Market Players

Roman Ostapchuk,Deputy CEO for Technical Development at STEP LOGIC

5 August 2019
STEP LOGIC in ICT-Online's "Wi-Fi 6: the new technology overview"

Maxim Pikulin, Director of Network Solutions at STEP LOGIC

29 July 2019
UPS to protect systems. And what protects UPS?

Vadim Kalle, Deputy Head of the Engineering Systems Department at STEP LOGIC

19 July 2019
STEP LOGIC in the review by TAdviser "Information Systems Security 2019"

Nikolay Zabusov, Director of Information and Network Security Department at STEP LOGIC

12 July 2019
STEP LOGIC on Development of BIM

Yury Batyzhev, Director of Engineering Systems Department at STEP LOGIC

4 July 2019
STEP LOGIC on Blockchain in IT

Roman Ostapchuk, Deputy CEO for Technical Development at STEP LOGIC

3 July 2019
STEP LOGIC on Foundation of Technological HR Consortium

Irina Grishina, Deputy CEO for Human Resources at STEP LOGIC

17 June 2019

Vadim Kalle, Deputy Head of the Engineering Systems Department at STEP LOGIC

20 May 2019
STEP LOGIC in the overview of Domestic Integrators in the DPC Market

Vadim Kalle, Deputy Head of Engineering Design Department at STEP LOGIC

15 April 2019
STEP LOGIC Shares Impressions about Cisco Connect 2019 Сonference

Inna Ozerova, Marketing Director, STEP LOGIC

29 March 2019
STEP LOGIC: Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Employees?

Irina Grishina, Deputy General Director for Human Resources, STEP LOGIC

25 March 2019
Step Logic in the review "Modern Office: Digital, Eco-Friendly, Stylish"

Nikita Kochergin, the Director of the Standardised Communication and Contact Centres Department of STEP LOGIC

11 March 2019
Dmitry Yakushev in the "IT person of Digital 2019" project

Dmitry Yakushev, CFO of STEP LOGIC

6 March 2019
The Year To Come, What Is It Bearing, or Uncommon Trends (continued)

Roman Ostapchuk, STEP LOGIC deputy CEO for technical development

28 February 2019
Possibility of global IoT leadership

Anna Nikitina, head of the STEP LOGIC Innovative Solutions division

21 February 2019
STEP LOGIC on the advantages of the unified network management solutions and on market outlooks of these solutions

Maxim Pikulin, chief of the STEP LOGIC Networking Solutions department

18 January 2019
How to Avoid Double Standards in Information Security

Stanislav Prishchep, Head of Consulting and Audit Department, Information and Network Security Directorate, STEP LOGIC

11 January 2019

Roman Ostapchuk, Deputy CEO for Technical Development at STEP LOGIC

19 December 2018

Stanislav Darchinov, Chief Technical Officer in Kazan Branch of STEP LOGIC.

17 December 2018
STEP LOGIC: IT will not exist without outsourcing in the future

Oleg Zamoschin, Director of the Service Department of STEP LOGIC, and Leonid Markov, Head of the Regional Services Development Group of STEP LOGIC.

12 December 2018
BIM for logistics centre design

Vadim Kalle, Deputy Head of the Engineering Systems Department at STEP LOGIC. 

10 December 2018
STEP LOGIC: recommendations on implementation of requirements No. 187-FZ

Denis Pashchenko, Leading Analyst of Consulting and Information Security Audit Department, STEP LOGIC.

21 November 2018
IS in the integrator's business: current trends in information security, projects, comments

Anton Antropov, a leading business development expert in Information Security at STEP LOGIC.

9 October 2018
KeyMaster: a network-based key turnover solution

Oleg Ovsyankin, leading expert on the development of innovative solutions, Step Logic

28 September 2018
Digital transformation. What to do if you don't want to get left behind?

Dmitry Yakushev, Chief Commercial Officer, Step Logic.

24 September 2018
Vadim Kudryavtsev, "People are the Main Factor Driving Economic Growth"

Vadim Kudryavtsev, Business Development Director at ­STEP LOGIC and the founder of STEP LOGIC's Kazan branch.

5 September 2018
Own developments of russian system integrators

Dmitry Yakushev, the chief commercial officer at Step Logic, and Anna Nikitina, the head of Step Logic's innovative solutions.

29 May 2017
BIM (Building Information Modelling) improves design of utility systems for data centres

Step Logic Project Information Modelling Manager, Margarita Puidak, and the Head of the Step Logic Utility Systems Design Unit, Andrey Kolyasnikov.

2 September 2016
Non-linear optical amplifiers on operators’ cable communication lines: theory and practice

Vladimir Myagky, Head of Telecommunication Networks Department, Step Logic