5G prospects in Russia

5G prospects in Russia
Stanislav Darchinov
Chief Technical Officer

Apple has announced the launch of the new iPhone 12 Pro and mini smartphones with a CE marking, indicating conformity with EU certification requirements. The main difference of devices meant for the Russian market is that they do not support 5G. American users will have faster Internet. 

STEP LOGIC Head of Technical Department Stanislav Darchinov told Delovoe.TV about the reasons why the 5G network, which helps build infrastructure for IoT solutions among other things, is mostly unavailable in Russia yet.

It so happened that in Russia, the frequency range that most countries use for the 5G network is designated to the Ministry of Defence and Roscosmos space agency. Clearly, this limits the spectrum's use for civil purposes.

Nevertheless, there is a chance we will have faster Internet in the country. At the moment, using millimetre band, which is extremely high frequency, seems the most promising. Our government is already allocating frequencies and many mobile operators have already applied for them.

As experts say that extremely high frequencies have limited coverage and are unable to penetrate some obstacles.

Thus, it is likely that in the coming years, 5G systems will be used locally at stadiums, railway stations, airports, possibly in parks or on the premises of some companies.

Source: Delovoe.tv

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