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STEP Telemarketing

STEP Telemarketing is a software solution for automating outgoing calls in contact centers built on top of platforms supplied by different vendors. 



The solution can be used to call existing and prospective clients to offer them products and services, to conduct customer demand surveys and market research as well as to notify customers about any maintenance, debt, or payment deadlines. The target audience for the product includes telecom operators, insurance companies, commercial organizations, banks, collection agencies, medical facilities, housing and communal services. 


  • The solution quickly integrates into the existing IT infrastructure; it is easily scalable and compatible with platforms of different vendors. 

  • The manager's workplace provides the functionality necessary to set up business scenarios for processing outgoing calls. 

  • Operators get a user-friendly and intuitive graphical interface. When talking to a client, the operator can see the history of interacting with this specific client via all communication channels, which means that most issues can be quickly resolved during the first call.

  • Administrators of automatic voice notification systems can monitor the channel capacity, simultaneously work with several notification systems, promptly receive notifications in case of failures, etc.

Deployment results

  • Effective operation of all key units of the contact center.

  • Saved resources.

  • Reduced average time to close a deal.

  • More sales.

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