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The Visor control center

The Visor control center is an innovative multimedia solution that makes it possible to quickly set up a protected video conference, a monitoring system, or a situational awareness system even in the most adverse conditions. 


The target audience

The Visor system is intended for use by law enforcement, emergency response teams, health-care units, major construction companies, oil and gas companies, state or private organizations with large numbers of branch offices.  


The solution offers a range of unique benefits:

  • Mobility. The system can be prepared for operation by two specialists; it requires no specialized skills and takes less than ten minutes.

  • Reliability. The Visor can be used in extreme conditions and within a wide range of temperatures.

  • Support for multiple formats. It is possible to connect up to 11 video sources simultaneously.

  • Modularity. The video information display area can be increased by using a number of systems at a time.


The situational awareness center from STEP LOGIC can be used in any situation where there is a need for a fast deployment autonomous CCTV and field monitoring system.

The system has proved is effectiveness during the Forest of Victory Russian national commemoration event. The solution was used to ensure comprehensive security of the public event as well as to prevent forest fires and quickly respond to emergencies.

The Visor proved indispensable during tactical exercises in which emergency services played out a scenario involving a response to spring high water in Kolomna: the system allowed the emergency services to monitor and coordinate their teams in online mode.

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