STEP LOGIC is a Silver Partner of One Identity

11 October 2019

STEP LOGIC is developing its expertise in the area of identity and access management. One Identity Silver Partner status achieved by STEP LOGIC indicated a demand for a comprehensive approach to resolving such tasks. 

A wide diversity of information systems is the reality of today's businesses. The challenge is that with the advent of each new system it is becoming increasingly difficult to control employee access to information resources. It specifically relates to those in the category of privileged users, such as developers, administrators and top managers. Automation solutions for access control and management are gaining popularity in view of the unauthorized access threats, leakages of confidential information,  as well as regulatory requirements and industry standards. 

To better meet the needs of its clients, STEP LOGIC has expanded its offer with products from One Identity, a long-standing leader in IAM (Identity and Access Management) and integrated PAM platforms (Privileged Access Management). The One Identity Manager IAM solution makes managing employee accounts and permissions easy and secure. The SafeGuard PAM solution not only provides and stores passwords, but also records sessions, detects abnormal user behavior and blocks dangerous activities. 

"The Silver Partner status confirms our expertise and gives clients the assurance that they are working with IAM and PAM  professionals,” said Nikolai Zabusov, Head of Information and Network Security at STEP LOGIC, – "such solutions are no longer niche – they have long become essential ones. It is worth noting that their development is driven by an internal need of a business for this class functional capabilities, rather than regulatory requirements in the are of information security, as often is the case". 

"We are very pleased to see STEP LOGIC among our key partners. Over the past year, the company's employees have demonstrated strong competencies in the identity management and privileged access projects. I am sure, our cooperation in the near future will help many clients improve security of their infrastructures, and STEP LOGIC to level-up the status of our partnership,” said Oleg Shaburov, One Identity Regional Manager.

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