A training course on Communications Management was held at STEP LOGIC

29 October 2019

STEP LOGIC employees have completed a training course on 'Communications Management in Project Teams'.

Effective communication can greatly increase the likelihood of successfully completing a project, and the average manager spends from 50 to 90% of their workday on communication. That is why 'Communications Management in Project Teams' training course conducted at STEP LOGIC keeps generating interest among both project team leaders and those who aspire to become them.

In order to understand the influence of emotional and rational components of communications within the group dynamics of a team, the participants of the course have studied the full cycle of establishing communications of a virtual project team. During the training course, the colleagues identified the main components of effective communication, which include briefing, high-quality feedback and creation of a single communication field for your project. Additionally, they have also defined the thematic pool of the future training courses.

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