STEP LOGIC announces the start of a strategic partnership with SIS Group on information security

04 July 2018

July 4, 2018, Moscow STEP LOGIC, a major Russian system integrator and SIS Group, a leading manufacture and vendor of certified software, have signed a strategic partnership agreement. The document envisions long term cooperation in selling and distributing software products from major Russian and foreign vendors as well as sharing of technologies and competences between the partner companies in a mutually beneficial way.

STEP LOGIC has been in the market for over 25 years and for the past 15 years it has offered its customers integrated comprehensive solutions for protecting corporate networks and the networks of communications operators based on products and technologies from leading global vendors. The company has obtained over 350 certificates from international non-profit organisations and major information security vendors. STEP LOGIC has competences that are very rare in the Russian market, including a Master Security Specialization, the highest security status that Cisco Systems awards its partners. Today there are only two companies in Russia that have this status. Thanks to many years of experience and its unique competences in information security STEP LOGIC implements complex large scale projects for corporate clients and government institutions.

As a result of the new partnership agreement, the certified software developed and sold by SIS Group will now be used in STEP LOGIC projects aimed at building integrated information security systems for major private and state owned companies. As part of the alliance the companies plan to focus first and foremost on the sale of software products from leading global vendors such as Microsoft, Check Point, VMware and others as well as expand into product lines that are new for SIS Group, but for which there is a lot of demand among STEP LOGIC's customers.

Key motivations for signing the partnership agreement included shared goals and shared values that the companies have in the field of information security, specifically, both companies seek to bring to the Russian market and sell solutions that best meet the expectations and needs of their customers.

"Over the past few years we have seen sustained growth in the information security market; this has in part been the result of an increased number of cyber attacks as well as a constant stream of legislative amendments. As is known, a lot of foreign and Russian information security vendors do not have compliance certificates for the latest Russian regulations, which often derails major projects for the public sector, big business or projects that involve security for specific categories of information. In addition to whether or not a company has the requisite certificates, customers also look at the initial cost of acquisition and the total cost of ownership of a solution as well as at the availability of post-sale service. SIS Group produces and sells only certified information security solutions while STEP LOGIC has all the requisite competences for deploying and offering tech support for comprehensive solutions," comments Nikolai Zabusov, Head of Information and Network Security at STEP LOGIC.

"Several joint projects paved the way for dynamic and fruitful activity," says Sergey Grudanov, SIS Group CEO. "We're happy to see STEP LOGIC, one of Russia's largest system integrators with 25 years in the market under its belt, decide to join our partnership programme. As for us, we're going to make every effort to develop our joint projects. I am confident that our cooperation will result in significant synergy effects, allowing us to complete more high tech projects and giving our customers access to cutting edge high quality technology solutions at the best possible prices."

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