STEP LOGIC to get a service partner certificate from Security Code

17 July 2018

Moscow, July 2018. STEP LOGIC will be getting the status of a service partner from Security Code, which is going to give the integrator the right to offer comprehensive support service for the vendor's security solutions for networks, virtualisation environments, work stations and servers. In addition, STEP LOGIC customers will now be able to use the technologies of Security Code when building a protected infrastructure for their business on the best possible terms.

The cooperation between STEP LOGIC and Security Code is growing fast: this year the integrator was given the golden partner status by the vendor. For several years now STEP LOGIC has been successfully using Security Code's products in its integration projects: they have FSB and FSTEK certificates and can be used to protect confidential information, personal data at any level of security as well as in solutions to secure state secrets at all levels of clearance including top secret.

To get the service partner status, STEP LOGIC specialists had to meet all the terms and conditions of Security Code's partnership programme, including hitting the required financial performance targets, completing comprehensive training programmes and getting specialist certificates from the vendor. This status enables STEP LOGIC to offer its customers full technical support for such Security Code's products as:

  • APKSH Continent, a centralised network infrastructure security system that also supports deployment of VPN networks using GOST algorithms;

  • vGate, a certified security system for virtualisation platforms based off VMware, VSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V;

  • Secret Net Studio (SNS), a comprehensive solution for protecting workstations and servers at the data, application, network, operating system and peripherals levels as well as Secret Net (SN), a certified information security system that offers protection against unauthorised access for the MS Windows family of operating systems.

"Seeing how the technologies and methods of hacker attacks are constantly evolving and given the changes in regulatory requirements, the set of security measures you need to have is also changing in response to that. Helping our clients build effective information security management processes is a key priority for us as a reliable consultant and partner. An integral part of this process is high quality support of the solutions our clients use. A lack of such support can negate all the positive results of deploying information security systems. Getting the service partner status opens new opportunities for us while allowing our clients to be rest assured that we can offer them support at the highest possible level," Nikolai Zubov, Head of Information and Network Security,comments on the news.

"One of the top priorities for Security Code is to select partners seeing how their work directly affects the success of our business. We're happy to count STEP LOGIC among our partners as they are one of the oldest integrators in the Russian market. Their many years of experience and high level of competencies in information and network security allow them to implement comprehensive projects at any scale and level of complexity. The fact STEP LOGIC was able to get the service partner status with our company once again confirms their expertise in all the fields they cooperate with us in and we hope for more mutually beneficial cooperation in the future," noted Sergey Muschenko, Head of Sales at Security Code.

STEP LOGIC has been offering information and network security solutions for over 15 years. The integrator's expertise in this field is confirmed by over 350 certificates from international non-profit organisations and major suppliers of information security solutions. Stepl Logic is a partner with 80 leading foreign and Russian vendors. The integrator's specialists have all the required FSTEK, FSB and MoD licences. The company is a member of the Association of Users of Information Security Standards and the British Standards Institutions and also participates in the expert groups that are part of the Digital Economy of the Russian Federation programme.

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