STEP LOGIC and Fortinet Hold a Field Team Building Workshop

26 June 2018

Moscow, June 26, 2018 – STEP LOGIC and Fortinet hold a joint field workshop attended by over 50 employees of both companies. The workshop was held at Jeep Territory venue on June 21.

15 years ago STEP LOGIC began developing competencies in information and network security. Today, the integrator's expertise has been confirmed by more than 350 certificates from both international non-profit organisations and major information security vendors. STEP LOGIC partners with 80 leading foreign and Russian vendors, the company holds a Master Security Specialisation status, the highest information security status awarded by Cisco Systems that only two companies in Russia have. Many years of experience and high level competencies in information security allow STEP LOGIC to implement comprehensive projects at any level of complexity and at any scale.

The intellectual core of the information and network security department at STEP LOGIC comprises dozens of top level experts that hold all the necessary FSTEC, FSS, MoD licences and are members of the Association of Users of Information Security Standards and the British Standards Institution and participate in expert groups for the Digital Economy of the Russian Federation programme. The key competencies of the department include the creation of comprehensive information security solutions (personal data, geographic information system, computer-aided process control systems, financial organisations and banks, critical information infrastructure, data processing centres), consultancy services, information security audits and compliance audits, threat modelling and risk assessment, development of organisational and administrative documents, certification, network security solutions, end host and application protection.

Cooperation between STEP LOGIC and Fortinet has gone on for over 9 years now and in this time the companies have successfully implemented over 100 projects for major corporate customers. The vendor's product portfolio includes solutions for network security, IT infrastructure protection, security of cloud services and the Internet of Things, which are in high demand among STEP LOGIC customers. The two companies have been cooperating for many years, however, each one is constantly working on something new: new people get hired, partnership programmes change, new products and business lines are introduced. All these issues were included in the agenda of the joint field workshop during which the participants discussed the current projects and the development prospects of the joint business.


The workshop features presentations by Fortinet and STEP LOGIC employees. In their presentation representatives of the vendor's technical department demonstrated the capabilities of their solutions in network security, security of cloud infrastructure, web applications, email and protection against targeted attacks. The participants in the workshop also learned about the virtual demo-zone and the NFR programme that Fortinet offers, the current discounts and partnership programmes.



Dmitry Yakushev, STEP LOGIC Head of Sales, talked about the organisational chart of the company and also introduced a team of sales people and the managers of the key technology lines working on projects that make use of Fortinet solutions in information security, network solutions and service support.

Special attention was paid to the Step+ programme whose goal is the creation of unique co-branded products and multi-vendor solutions. The programme includes integration of the technical expertise of the integrator with the solutions and equipment of domestic and foreign vendors. As of today, STEP LOGIC's team is developing solutions for situational monitoring, CCTV, the Internet of Things and smart cities.


Nikolai Zabusov, Head of Information and Network Security at STEP LOGIC, told Fortinet employees about the benefits of the pre and post-sale processes run with a team of the integrator. In additon, Nikolai talked about the capabilities of big data analytics. STEP LOGIC specialists offer an integrated solution that can automate the incident response procedures, including event video analytics. In order to visualise KPIs that business can make sense of, the integrator's team uses various types of graphical representations (static and dynamic visualisation) as well as develops customised 3D interfaces.

As part of the presentation the Fortinet team was shown a solution STEP LOGIC designed in-house: the Visor mobile control centre. It's an innovative multimedia solution that makes it possible to quickly deploy a mobile security operations centre (SOC).

Once the business part of the event was over, STEP LOGIC and Fortinet employees took part in a team race in Jeep vehicles.


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