The Year To Come, What Is It Bearing, or Uncommon Trends (continued)

The Year To Come, What Is It Bearing, or Uncommon Trends (continued)
Roman Ostapchuk
deputy CEO of technology development

Over the past few years the transformation of the IT market was exceptionally rapid, and new technologies are significantly influencing the conduct-of-business rules. The advertisements are bright with enticing offers sometimes similar to the extracts from the 1950-s Sci-Fi novels. Even the most stubborn sceptics have to admit that our world is undergoing major transformations, with IT being the primary reason of this transformation. An IT-News newsman interviewed the representatives of the Russian IT market and asked if we should expect some miracles to happen in 2019 or whether it would be a steady evolution of the past accomplishments.

Roman Ostapchuk, STEP LOGIC deputy CEO for technical development

Blockchain vs. crypto currencies

Roman Ostapchuk, STEP LOGIC deputy CEO for technical development, is certain that the demand for blockchain technologies is bound to be increased in the context of distributed registries, because this is a logical and convenient solution. Meanwhile, it would be premature to give any forecasts concerning the crypto currencies market due to significant manipulations and profiteering. He believes that smart contracts are another important part of the blockchain ecosystem. Nevertheless, possible expansion of this form of contracts is still questionable due to inevitable issues one would have to solve in order to adapt distinct binary logic to the reality of complex human interactions.

Brave New World

Because of IT, the difference between a human and a machine (computer, robot, etc.) is gradually becoming less significant. The world is rapidly changed by the technologies, and humans are more often forced to rethink themselves and their place in the new world.

Roman Ostapchuk believes that machines are getting the upper hand more and more often, and people have to adapt, they have to seek a place under the sun without even thinking about their true role. Meanwhile, people are often feeling most comfortable in the "enemy territory", they are exploring more and more new virtual jobs and professions, Roman says. "Undoubtedly, the principal reason is that our current being in the already explored territory implies physical limitations. The colonisation process was quite an efficient pressure-relieve valve, and a new task of this kind will help may people to find a use for themselves."

Source: IT-News

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