Dmitry Yakushev in the «IT person of Digital 2019» project

Dmitry Yakushev in the «IT person of Digital 2019» project
Dmitriy Yakushev
Chief Commercial Officer

Dmitry Yakushev, CFO of STEP LOGIC participated in the project of In this project, the leaders of the IT companies were asked to talk about themselves and their colleagues rather then discussing high technologies. What skills should a modern successful IT manager have? What qualities is the market instilling in these people? How does this person has to look in everyday life, during important events and on official pictures?

Dmitry Yakushev, CFO of STEP LOGIC

For starters, let us look on how the role of IT has changed in the modern world. From an auxiliary service (that's how IT was previously regarded in many companies), IT has become a primary driver of business development. How did it happen?

The consumer defines the market. The consumer sets up the pace, defines the product level requirements, the service requirements and the service model. The business is looking for the most efficient approaches to respond to these challenges.

Digital transformations of the manufacturers of goods and services is a necessary step in the evolution, it's a natural development of business in order to meet the requirements of the consumers. What I'm talking about, it's not just an automation: it's an implementation of innovative technologies in all process, major changes in the processes of marketing, manufacturing and sales. These are the factors that may the IT companies what they are.

Things that we saw in Sci-Fi movies 5-10 years ago have become a reality. Businessmen, visionaries have transformed this reality for the consumers, they've created new business tools and have become IT persons. The are heretics, in a good sense J. People ahead of their time, people who are able to overcome conservative views and conventions, people who can sacrifice the routine to reach the goal they sincerely believe in.

How have they acquired these traits?

First, that's the visionary capabilities: look beyond the horizon rather than under your feet; invent things for the day after tomorrow and rush to this day after tomorrow right now.

Speed. Those who ride on the crest of the digital wave, are running twice as fast as the rest since they push their companies, the industries and the entire market forward.

There is another trait resulting from the first two: it's what they call the simplicity concept. In order to reach your goal faster you need to concentrate on what's important and get rid of everything that is useless or is hampering your progress. The requirements to secondary things are simplified, only the functionality, the comfort and ease of use are important. We can see it everywhere: in clothing, gadgets, transportation, and design of office spaces.

I believe that the ability of seeing the goal and understanding the means to be first to reach is what's important to the innovative IT person. They are modern leaders, they are agile, they can quickly respond to the changes, they are trendsetters. They respect discipline, they are competitive, ambitious and result-oriented. These people are "ageless", they are forever young and always in the van.

Source: ICT-Online

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